General Fittings

Flat Fittings
Unistrut Flat Fitting
90 degree Fittings
Unistrut 90 degree Fitting
Angular Fittings
Unistrut Angular Fitting
"Z" Shaped Fittings
Unistrut Z Fitting
"U" Shaped Fittings
Unistrut U Fitting
Wing Fittings
Unistrut Wing Fitting
Post Bases
Unistrut Post Base Fittings
Unistrtut Bracket Fitting
Unistrut Trolley Fitting

* Large inventory of fittings
* Most fittings available in stainless steel or aluminum
* Will custom fabricate to fit your needs!
* Unistrut Fittings are stocked in green, galvanized, raw steel or stainless finishes
* Can't find the fitting you want? Refer to our engineering guide for additional channel combinations.

Unistrut 1275 Hillsmith Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45215 1-800-586-4787 (p) 1-800-465-8039 (f)