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Access Floor for Office Renovations

Tate Access Floor

Unistrut Midwest is a proud Tate Access Floor Dealer covering Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.  Tate Access Floors can be found anywhere from offices, data centers, schools, airports, to casinos.  The access floor system can provide many benefits to a building owner.   The access floor will provide the owner the freedom of flexibility with all services within reach just below the floor and easily reconfigurable.  The indoor air quality can be improved by using the access floor space as a plenum to provide fresh air from below. For a full explanation of the benefits of access flooring, Tate Access Floors

Today the Strut News blog will look at a recent office renovation project that Unistrut Midwest was proud to be a part of in Dayton, OH.  Weyland Ventures bought the Dayton Motor Car Building with plans to renovate a 100 year old manufacturing building into high end office space.  The Dayton Motor Car building was built in 1875  and was used to produce automobiles in the 20th century.  The building was part of the Dayton Motor Car Company Historic District, so the renovation had to maintain many aspects of the original building.

The 100 year old building had relatively low slab to slab dimensions between floors which meant a lot of  building services needed to be fit into a minimal amount of space.  The renovation of the Dayton Motor Car building utilized Tate Access Floors with underfloor air and modular power.  The Tate Access Floor System was used as a plenum to deliver air throughout the office floor plate.  The underfloor air system removed the need for overhead duct work or any acoustic ceiling.  The Access floor allowed the owner to maintain 8′ ceiling heights by running the air and all electrical components below the access floor.

To keep the office space flexible and interchangeable, Unistrut Midwest provided a Cii Modular Power System.  The Cii Modular Power System is a plug and play series of floor boxes and whips that allow the owner to relocate the building power by moving the floor boxes in the access floor.  The maintenance staff can move the modular power boxes without the need for an electrician or downtime.  The combination of the Tate Access Floor and Cii Modular Power systems will provide the tenants with the ability to quickly remodel or adjust the work space layouts.

For more information on Tate Access Floor, Tate Access Flooring