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Unistrut Grease Trap Access Platform

Grease Trap Access Platform

A large commercial property developer contacted Unistrut Midwest for assistance on a new development in Atlanta, GA.  The developer had a new restaurant client moving into the property.  The restaurant would need two grease trap units installed in the parking garage outside of their kitchen.  The grease traps require access on top of a 54″…

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Unistrut Work Platform and Ramps

Unistrut Work Platform

Unistrut Midwest offers custom designed platforms to meet specific customer requirements.  The Unistrut Access platforms are made from stock materials that can be customized to match the project requirements.  In today’s post, we will look at a custom designed work platform Unistrut designed for a building material manufacturer in Ohio. Our customer was looking for…

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Unistrut Midwest Expands to Illinois and Wisconsin

Unistrut Midwest is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Romano to the Unistrut Midwest Sales Team.  Jim Romano was hired as the VP of Sales to expand the Illinois and Wisconsin markets for Unistrut Midwest. Jim Romano started with Unistrut in 1987 in Chicago selling Unistrut Installations and Material Sales.  Jim’s tenure saw him…

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Unistrut Midwest Fabrication Warehouse

Unistrut Midwest is pleased to announce the addition of our new 50,000 square foot fabrication warehouse.  The additional space will allow the expansion of Unistrut Midwest’s fabrication services.  Unistrut’s new fabrication warehouse is located at 1201 Hillsmith Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45215. Unistrut Midwest offers a full line of Unistrut fabrication services for any Unistrut Application….

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Seismic Rated Access Platform

Seismic Rated Walkway

Unistrut Midwest specializes in providing walkways and access platform solutions for almost any application.  We get many requests for unique platform solutions and the Unistrut system can be customized to meet the project requirements.  One common design request Unistrut gets would be for platforms that are rated for seismic zones. Seismic Zones create unique challenges…

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Unistrut Catwalk for Sloped Ceiling

Unistrut Catwalk for Sloped Ceiling

Unistrut Midwest specializes in unique applications and adapting our standard solutions to match unique site conditions.   One such example of Unistrut Midwest’s ability to create custom solutions for customers needs can be found on a small catwalk project on a mixed use development in Montana.   Unistrut Midwest was contracted to design, furnish, and install catwalk…

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School Corridor Unistrut Supports

Corridor Support Structure

Unistrut Metal Framing is a product that is commonly used by electrical and mechanical contractors to support their pipes or conduits.  In school construction the majority of those electrical and mechanical systems are run in the hallways above the ceiling.  Unistrut Midwest can help you design a universal support structure for all trades to connect…

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Mechanical Unistrut Access Platforms

Pre-Fab Platform

Rooftop Heating and Air Conditioning units need service and maintenance work throughout the year.  A common issue many owners and design professionals encounter is access to the mechanical equipment is elevated above the roof.  Safe Access must be provided to the access doors, valves, fan coils, or belts for proper maintenance or service of these…

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Unistrut Technology Wall

Unistrut Wall

Unistrut Midwest is proud to feature unique projects that our team designs and installs across the country.  Each month we will look at a new project to show innovative ways the construction community is using Unistrut Metal Framing across the country.  This months feature project was a Unistrut Wall Support System for a Technology Lab…

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Access Floor for Office Renovations

Tate Access Floor

Unistrut Midwest is a proud Tate Access Floor Dealer covering Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.  Tate Access Floors can be found anywhere from offices, data centers, schools, airports, to casinos.  The access floor system can provide many benefits to a building owner.   The access floor will provide the owner the freedom of flexibility with all…

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