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Unistrut Handrail Systems

ADA Ramp Handrail

Unistrut channel and fittings offer designers an adult version of an Erector Set.  The combinations of channel and fittings make almost any application possible.  Today we will look at a new application for Unistrut Handrail for Ramps. A photo studio in Ohio was converting a former warehouse into a new photo studio.  A large part…

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Hotel Rooftop Solutions

Hotel Rooftop Supports

Unistrut Midwest’s project spotlight this week will focus on the hotel construction industry.  Hotels are designed to utilize as much space as possible for rooms or shared common areas.  The need to maximize usable space often results in the mechanical equipment being put into the basement, garages, or on the roof.  A recent project in…

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Replacing Wood Catwalks with Steel

Steel Modular Catwalks

Many older buildings utilized wood framed catwalk systems for access to attics or utility spaces.  The wood catwalks were a generally accepted system for many years for maintenance catwalks.  The updated building codes in most municipalities no longer permit the flammable building materials to be used for these maintenance catwalks.  Unistrut Midwest offers steel catwalk…

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Unistrut Ceiling Grids as Design Elements

Red Unistrut Grid

Interior Design has put more focus on ceiling elements over the past few years.  Offices, labs, or classrooms were typically specified with standard 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ Acoustic Ceiling Tile with minimal options beyond what size grid pattern would they like.   However with the new open floor concepts, more focus has shifted to the ceiling as…

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Food Grade Strut for Sanitary Applications

TMS Sanitary Strut

Sanitary Food Processing projects present many unique challenges to electrical and mechanical contractors trying to mount conduits or pipe.  Sanitary applications require stainless steel to handle constant washing and cleaning of the supports.  The support channels cannot have the in turned lips that are found on typical Unistrut channels.  Threaded rods must have internal threads…

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Unistrut Surgical Boom Supports

Sikla Framo 80 Boom Support

Modern Surgical Suites are utilizing many ceiling hung devices to provide flexibility and support to the medical staff throughout surgeries.  The ceiling hung equipment can range from simple exam lights to anesthesia booms to dual arm surgical lights.   All of the ceiling hung medical equipment require support systems that are unseen but critically important for…

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Data Center Ceiling Grid Pre-Fabrication

Unistrut Grid Pre-Fabrication

Unistrut Ceiling Grids have been a popular system in the design of data centers for many years.  The Unistrut Ceiling Grid is an ideal product to create an interstitial secondary support structure for the electrical bus ducts, cable trays, fire suppression piping, or other standard MEP systems.  The Unistrut Slotted Channel Framing is the ideal…

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Unistrut IR Heater Supports for Automotive

Unistrut P1001 Grid

Unistrut Midwest was contracted to design, furnish, and install a support structure for a custom automotive shop in Northwest Ohio.  The end user needed a support structure to support infrared heaters at 8′ above the ground.  The IR Heaters will be used to prepare vehicles for custom decal work.  The building was a Butler Building…

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Rooftop Duct Supports

Rooftop Duct Supports

Unistrut Midwest has been a long time supplier to mechanical contractors who use the Unistrut products to support duct work, piping, and many other items.  Unistrut products are used every day to support duct using all thread rod and Unistrut channel for a simple trapeze support from the building structure.  However when the runs of…

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Unistrut WT Wide Slotted Strut Channel

WT Slot Pattern

Unistrut has developed a new slotted channel perforation for use with 5/8” threaded rod.  The Unistrut “WT” Perforation offers an 11/16″ x 2″ Slotted perforation at 3″ on center for any of our 1-5/8″ Wide Unistrut profiles.  This new slot pattern is great for data centers, heavy-duty supports and other applications that require 5/8″ threaded…

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