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Unistrut P2580 Heavy Duty Cantilever Bracket

Unistrut P2580 Bracket

Unistrut is proud to introduce the highest capacity cantilever Unistrut bracket, The P2580 series.  The Unistrut P2580 is designed to hold heavier loads, increase the span between supports, and allow attachment on top and bottom. This results in significant material and labor cost savings.  Unistrut Midwest has the full line of P2580 brackets in stock…

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Unistrut Pre-Fabrication for Data Centers

Unistrut Grid Pre-Assembled

Unistrut Midwest specializes in providing pre-fabrication services on any project but Data Center construction has quickly become the largest consumer of pre-fabricated Unistrut supports.  Data Centers are an ideal project type to utilize pre-fabrication due to the highly repeatable components throughout the data halls.  Unistrut Midwest has been working in the data center space for…

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Sikla Framo 80 Rooftop Pipe Stands

Sikla Rooftop Pipe Support

Sikla Framo 80 is the ideal modular steel solution over traditional structural steel supports for most pipe support applications.  The Sikla Framo 80 modular steel system is the ideal compliment to Unistrut slotted channel framing for pipe support applications.  Unistrut channel has limited capacity in larger pipe applications due to its inability to handle lateral…

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P2788 Unistrut Hinged Beam Clamps

P2788 Hinged Beam Clamp

Unistrut invented the Unistrut slotted channel framing system and continues to be on the forefront of innovation in the slotted channel framing markets.  One of the newest products in the Unistrut product offering is the P2788 Hinged Beam Clamp.   The P2788 is a solution for mounting Unistrut channel level when the building steel is sloped….

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Stainless Steel Concrete Inserts

P3270X SS

Unistrut Concrete Inserts are commonly available in pre-galvanized and hot dipped galvanized finishes, but what about more corrosive environments that might require a concrete insert?  Unistrut P3270 and P3370 concrete inserts are now available in 304 Stainless Steel.  The stainless steel concrete inserts are available in both the deep or shallow standard duty profiles.  The…

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Unistrut Flex Move Support Structures

Unistrut Midwest has been designing and installing medical equipment supports for over 40 years.  Unistrut is the preferred support structure on medical equipment supports due to the versatility and adjustability the Unistrut system provides on support projects.  Unistrut is commonly used to support X-Ray Machines, CT Injectors, Exam Light Supports, and more.  Today we will…

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Unistrut Access Platform for Packaging

Access Platform

Unistrut Access Platforms are able to be custom designed to match any application or project requirements.  Unistrut Midwest recently designed an access platform for an automotive component supplier in South Carolina.  The Unistrut Access Platform was an ideal, cost effective solution to a packaging problem the manufacturer had.  We will discuss the project in details…

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Tenant Storage Lockers

Qwik Fence Storage Locker

Urban Apartment and Condo developers can utilize Folding Guard Qwik Fence Partitions systems to build tenant storage lockers in their parking garage or basement spaces.  Apartments and condo’s are becoming increasingly popular in the revitalization of urban cores across the US.  A major drawback to apartment living is the lack of storage space in the…

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Fiberglass Unistrut Profiles

Fiberlass Unistrut

Fiberglass Strut Profiles:  Aickinstrut or Unistrut?? Fiberglass Unistrut Channel System is a popular non-metallic, corrosion resistant alternative to steel Unistrut Metal Framing.  The Fiberglass channel sections are available in standard 1-5/8” sizes, however there are two profiles that need to be differentiated when ordering Fiberglass channel.  We will cover the two profiles and which products…

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P3246 Unistrut Heavy Duty Spot Anchors

Unistrut P3246

Unistrut is proud to be the original slotted channel manufacturer.  Along with being the original developers of Unistrut Framing Systems, Unistrut is still the industry leaders in new product development for the slotted channel market.  Today we will look at the new P3246 heavy duty concrete inserts. Unistrut’s latest concrete spot insert, the P3246 Series…

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