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Stainless Steel Concrete Inserts

P3270X SS

Unistrut Concrete Inserts are commonly available in pre-galvanized and hot dipped galvanized finishes, but what about more corrosive environments that might require a concrete insert?  Unistrut P3270 and P3370 concrete inserts are now available in 304 Stainless Steel.  The stainless steel concrete inserts are available in both the deep or shallow standard duty profiles.  The…

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P3246 Unistrut Heavy Duty Spot Anchors

Unistrut P3246

Unistrut is proud to be the original slotted channel manufacturer.  Along with being the original developers of Unistrut Framing Systems, Unistrut is still the industry leaders in new product development for the slotted channel market.  Today we will look at the new P3246 heavy duty concrete inserts. Unistrut’s latest concrete spot insert, the P3246 Series…

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Unistrut Concrete Inserts for Hospital Applications

Unistrut Concrete Inserts can be a valuable tool in the design and construction of new hospital projects.  The Unistrut P3270 Series Inserts can be utilized in MEP Service Corridors and Equipment Rooms to provide a continuous slotted channel pre-cast into the concrete decks or walls.  The precast Unistrut embed will allow MEP trades or Equipment…

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Unistrut Concrete Inserts for Pre-Stressed Concrete

Pre-Stressed Concrete is a popular construction method due to quick installation times and reduced on site labor.  These pre-stressed applications sometimes will still require Unistrut channel embeds to allow for connections to the pre-stressed beam without drilling.  Pre-Stressed Concrete applications require a unique Unistrut Concrete insert, the P3165 or P3170 series. The P3170 Series Concrete…

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