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Unistrut Surgical Boom Supports

Sikla Framo 80 Boom Support

Modern Surgical Suites are utilizing many ceiling hung devices to provide flexibility and support to the medical staff throughout surgeries.  The ceiling hung equipment can range from simple exam lights to anesthesia booms to dual arm surgical lights.   All of the ceiling hung medical equipment require support systems that are unseen but critically important for…

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Unistrut Flex Move Support Structures

Unistrut Midwest has been designing and installing medical equipment supports for over 40 years.  Unistrut is the preferred support structure on medical equipment supports due to the versatility and adjustability the Unistrut system provides on support projects.  Unistrut is commonly used to support X-Ray Machines, CT Injectors, Exam Light Supports, and more.  Today we will…

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Unistrut X-Ray Equipment Support

Unistrut Medical Solutions Major Hospital Group in Michigan had a fast paced Medical Office Building project under construction before the equipment vendor was selected. Architect asked Unistrut to design a Universal grid to support any of the potential X-Ray machines. In addition, they wanted the system to be adjustable for future changes in equipment. Design…

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Unistrut Surgical Light Support

Unistrut Medical Solutions A rural medical office in Kentucky was looking to renovate existing patient rooms into a minor procedure room. One of the requirements was that the procedure room needed a surgical light mounted from the ceiling.  The project had a tight budget and schedule, so Unistrut was called in to help with the…

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