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Unistrut Induction Unit Frame Enclosures

Unistrut Induction Unit

Unistrut Slotted Channel Framing is a versatile product on any project and can be used in a countless number of ways.  Here at Unistrut Midwest, we take pride in the unique ways in which we have used Unistrut to provide contractors support solutions on their projects.  Today we will look at a unique application for…

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Yellowgate Adjustable Industrial Safety Swing Gate

Adjustable YellowGate

Fall Protection is a major concern at most manufacturing facilities and plants.  One major focus of many safety managers is to add fall protection at all ladders, stairs, and openings or remove out dated chains at ladders, guardrails, or steps to a passive solution to prevent falls.  Unistrut Midwest’s recommends the YellowGate Industrial Safety Gate…

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Unistrut Drying Rack System for Shipping Containers

The Medical and Recreational Marijuana legalization across the United States has created many opportunities in construction.  The industry is often looking at fast paced construction projects in order to get products to market as fast as possible.  Unistrut is here to help come up with solutions to expedite your construction schedule and get the facility…

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Rolling Cannabis Drying Racks Constructed from Unistrut Channel

The legalization of cannabis for medical or recreational use across the United States has created many new construction projects with unique requirements.  The control of the growing, drying, and processing of marijuana requires marijuana grow facilities to be tightly controlled indoor grow operations.  The indoor grow operations place a premium on utilization of every square…

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