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Curved Unistrut Channel is Possible

P1000 Channel Curved

Unistrut Midwest offer many fabrication services including our ability to provide custom curved Unistrut channel.  Unistrut’s curved channel is commonly used for trolley systems, paint booths, tunnel conduit supports, and many other applications.  Contact us today to discuss your project to see if curved Unistrut is the right solution.

Unistrut Curved Channel Quote Form

In order to properly quote your project we need several pieces of information.  We will walk through the requirements as well as limitations in the following article.


  • Arc Length/Degree of Arc.
    • We have the ability to curve our P1000, solid channel, in any radius from 3’ to 50’. 3’ is the minimum radius that our trolley can still roll inside the channel.
    • The max arc length on Unistrut curved channel is 17’. With a standard 20’ length of Unistrut, we lose 3’ during the channel rolling process to make sure we get your desire arc length.
  • Slot Direction
    • We have the ability to roll channel in three different orientations to meet your specification. The slot refers to the open side of the Unistrut channel and which direction you want the slot to face
    • Slot to the Side is the most common orientation for Trolley applications
    • Slot In Orientation is generally used inside curved vaults or tunnels

Curved Unistrut Type

  • Radius
    • Unistrut needs to know the required radius to quote the curved channel. We need to know the inside radius, centerline radius, and outside radius to properly quote the curved Unistrut
    • Unistrut’s manufacturing tolerance on the curved channel is 1/16”. This tolerance means that two pieces of curved channel’s radius might vary slightly from one piece to another.  The chart below shows our acceptable ranges at various radii.

Curved Radius Chart

  • Channel Profile
    • Unistrut only recommends rolling the P1000, Solid Channel.
    • We can explore different profiles or slotted Unistrut on a case by case basis but due to the high risk of damaging the channels during the rolling process, we do not recommend anything other than solid, P1000 curved Unistrut
  • Application
    • Unistrut Midwest is always glad to offer our design and fabrication services on any project. We like to get an idea of the final use for the curved channel to make sure we quote the right solution to your application.  The more information you can provide us on the front end will allow us to get your project done right the first time and under budget.

Unistrut Midwest is proud to use Chicago Metal Rolled Products for our rolled channel services.  For more information on Chicago Metal Rolled Products, Click Here