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Fiberlass Unistrut

Fiberglass Strut Profiles:  Aickinstrut or Unistrut??

Fiberglass Unistrut Channel System is a popular non-metallic, corrosion resistant alternative to steel Unistrut Metal Framing.  The Fiberglass channel sections are available in standard 1-5/8” sizes, however there are two profiles that need to be differentiated when ordering Fiberglass channel.  We will cover the two profiles and which products they are compatible with in the following article.


Aickinstrut Profile


The Aickinstrut Profile of Fiberglass channel incorporates a flange design with a pointed flange.  The Aickinstrut flange provides a more reliable fastening and interlocking connection between the Aickinstrut channel and fittings.  The Aickinstrut profile is used with all fiberglass channel nuts including the standard duty (375PU-CN) and heavy duty series (375PU-CNHD).  The grooves of the channel nuts align with the Aickinstrut pointed flanges to provide a reliable connection between the nut and channel.

Aickinstrut Profile Channel requires the use of special fiberglass pipe clamps including the Rigid Pipe Clamps (PCR Series) and Adjustable Pipe Clamps.  Standard Unistrut pipe clamps and channel nuts will not be compatible with the Aickinstrut profile.  A good general rule of them if you are using the Aickinstrut profile, all components need to be fiberglass.


Unistrut Profile Fiberglass Strut

Unistrut Fiberglass

The Unistrut profile fiberglass strut channel utilizes the same profile and in-turned lips as the steel Unistrut profiles.  The designation -SST behind any fiberglass channel part number indicates that channel is the standard Unistrut profile.  With the Unistrut profile Fiberglass strut, you will need to use standard Unistrut Channel nuts and pipe clamps.  Typically customers would use stainless steel channel nuts or pipe clamps with the fiberglass strut to maintain the corrosion resistant traits.  SST Fiberglass channels rule of thumb would be to use fiberglass channel with stainless steel Unistrut hardware for a compatible match.

Aickinstrut SST (Unistrut Profile) Fiberglass Channel is not compatible with fiberglass pipe clamps, channel nuts, or grooved fittings.  SST should only be used with metallic pipe straps or channel nuts.


Please contact us if you have any questions on either profile.  For more information on Fiberglass Unistrut, Fiberglass Unistrut