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Mechanical Unistrut Access Platforms

Pre-Fab Platform

Rooftop Heating and Air Conditioning units need service and maintenance work throughout the year.  A common issue many owners and design professionals encounter is access to the mechanical equipment is elevated above the roof.  Safe Access must be provided to the access doors, valves, fan coils, or belts for proper maintenance or service of these roof top units.  Unistrut Midwest has experience in design, fabrication, and installation of Mechanical Platforms for rooftop units.  Contact us today to discuss your project and see if Unistrut Midwest can solve your rooftop access needs.

Unistrut Access Platforms make provide an ideal solution for equipment access requirements.  The Unistrut platforms can be customized for nearly any application or local code requirements.  The standard platform designs are based on OSHA compliance for maintenance walkways.  Our platforms are able to be customized for width, length, and height to match your application.  Our standard grating widths are 6″, 9″, or 12″ with filler rails available for non standard sizes.  The platforms are available with optional handrail, kick plate, or Self Closing Safety Gates.

The standard Unistrut platforms utilize either stairs, ladders, or ships ladders to access the working platform.  We can configure a solution to match your projects requirements based on the available space and height requirements.  The options and configurations are limited only by seismic, wind, or weight load considerations.  Consult your Unistrut sales professional to discuss your Mechanical Access Platform needs.

Mechanical Access Walkway

The flexibility of the Unistrut system offers many additional benefits over welded steel structures.  The Unistrut System is offered in electro-galvanized steel, hot dipped galvanized steel, Unistrut Defender finish, and Stainless Steel.  The wide range of specialty finishes will allow Unistrut platforms to be used in any environment.  Unistrut also offers a large assortment of base connections to match the application.  For rooftop access platforms, Unistrut can use recycled rubber CushABlocks or polycarbonate Unipier bases.  For concrete pad applications, the Unistrut P2072A post base works great.

Unistrut Access Platforms are a great solution for your mechanical equipment access needs.  Fully customizable using stock components allows for a simple and quick solution to your access needs.  For more information on Unistrut Access Platforms, Crossovers, or Walkways, Click Here