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Mini Split Unistrut Support Stands

Mini Split Support

Unistrut Channel and Fittings can be utilized to construct more than just pipe or conduit supports, we can support the whole mini split or VRV unit with a single platform. Unistrut’s Mini Split Stands can be customized to the exact size of the mounting holes on the unit.  Unistrut can build both fixed height or adjustable telescopic supports to match the site requirements.

Benefits of Unistrut’s Mechanical Unit Support Stands

  • Unistrut’s Support Stands for small HVAC equipment are constructed with P1000T or P5000T Unistrut channel depending on the weight requirement or span.
  • Unistrut utilizes RTS PUC Supports or Unipier 8HBaseP bases to allow the stand to rest directly on the roof.
  • All the hardware is 1/2″ to provide the necessary strength to support any size unit.
  • Unistrut can build each stand individually or build one stand to handle multiple units to match the layout of the equipment.
  • All Unistrut Mechanical Stands are custom fabricated per job, so any modifications to our typical details is possible.
  • All Unistrut channel and fittings is provided with our pre-galvanized finish for high performance in outdoor applications.  All cut ends are cold galvanized to prevent unnecessary corrosion.

Unistrut pre-fabricates all of our Mechanical Support Stands to save you time and money.  The support will arrive built to the exact dimensions on our shop drawings giving you piece of mind that it will be constructed right the first time.  If you want to modify the support in the field, the Unistrut system is completely adjustable and uses only bolted connections.  Purchasing a pre-fabricated mechanical support from Unistrut Midwest will decrease your time on site and let your crews focus on the installation of the mechanical systems.

Daikan Mini Split Supports
Daikan Mini Split Supports
Daikan VRV Rooftop Support
Daikan VRV Rooftop Support

For more information on the Unistrut Mini Split Supports or any other Unistrut Pre-Fabrication service, Contact Unistrut