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P2788 Unistrut Hinged Beam Clamps

P2788 Hinged Beam Clamp

Unistrut invented the Unistrut slotted channel framing system and continues to be on the forefront of innovation in the slotted channel framing markets.  One of the newest products in the Unistrut product offering is the P2788 Hinged Beam Clamp.   The P2788 is a solution for mounting Unistrut channel level when the building steel is sloped.

The Unistrut P2788 Hinged Beam clamp offers contractors a solution to mounting Unistrut level to sloped structural steel members.  The P2788 beam clamp is designed to pivot up to 18 degrees; so the Unistrut Channel can be installed level, even though the structural steel is not.  The P2788 beam clamp will allow a bolted connection to replace welded angles, custom bent plates, or unsafe field rigging by installers using their imaginations.  The hinged beam clamp will offer the versatility expected of the Unistrut system with published load data that you can use with confidence versus traditional means and methods of field modifying or bending connections in the field to account for sloped steel.

Side View P2788 on Sloped Beam

Features of the P2788 Beam Clamp

  • Safe Solution for Mounting Unistrut channel to sloped ceilings
  • Eliminates to modify or create custom brackets to accommodate sloped steel connections
  • Works with Steel beam ranged from 4-12″ in width and up to 7/8″ Flange Thickness
  • Compatible with any Unistrut Channel with the 1-5/8″ Width.  Works with single and back to back profiles with the same clamp.
  • Proprietary connection fittings utilize a serrated edge to prevent slippage
  • Published Load data is acceptable at any slope within 0-18 degree range.  The clamp can be used outside of 18 degrees with reduced loading.  (Check with your Unistrut Engineer to confirm your exact conditions outside of the published range)
  • Beam Load Capacity of 1,500 lbs per clamp.

Part Numbers and Beam Flange Widths per Part

P2788-06 EG Works with Beam Flanges 4″-6″ Wide

P2788-08 EG Works with Beam Flanges 6-1/8″-8″ Wide

P2788-10 EG Works with Beam Flanges 8-1/8″-10″ Wide

P2788-12 EG Works with Beam Flanges 10-1/8″-12″ Wide

All P2788 Hinged Beam Clamps are rated for a beam load of 1,500 lbs per clamp.

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