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P3246 Unistrut Heavy Duty Spot Anchors

Unistrut P3246

Unistrut is proud to be the original slotted channel manufacturer.  Along with being the original developers of Unistrut Framing Systems, Unistrut is still the industry leaders in new product development for the slotted channel market.  Today we will look at the new P3246 heavy duty concrete inserts.

Unistrut’s latest concrete spot insert, the P3246 Series embed, is the highest capacity Unistrut anchor currently available on the market. The P3246 is designed only for heavy duty applications and can support between 3,230 to 5,700 lbs.  The P3246 uses a stainless-steel conical body with (2) 12″ Fiberglass Cross Rods to achieve extremely high point loads.


The P3246 was designed to support large bore piping, multiple layers of cable tray, or other structural elements that traditional Unistrut concrete anchors would require multiple support points to handle the load.  The higher capacity should reduce the total number of embeds required and thereby reduce material and labor costs overall.  With vertical capacities of 3,230-5,700 lbs the Unistrut P3246 insert is able to handle larger loads than any Unistrut embed to date.

The installation of the P3246 Insert is relatively simple and similar to other Unistrut pre-cast embeds.  The P3246 location is determined and nailed in (4) corners to the concrete form.  The fiberglass rods would be tied to the rebar in the concrete slab.  After the concrete is poured and the forms removed, the P3246 will remain cast in the concrete with the exposed threads for the threaded rods.

The P3246 Series insert is available for rod sizes of ¾”, 7/8”, 1” 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2” threaded rod sizes.  The part number is P3246 to indicate the heavy duty spot insert.  The second half of the part number (-75, -87, et al) will indicate the size of threaded rod the P3246 can accept.  Example:  P3246-1 ST would be a P3246 Spot Insert for 1″ Threaded Rod in 316 Stainless Steel.  The P3246 is only available in 316 stainless steel finish.  The cross rod component is only available in fiberglass.



For more information on the P3246 embed or other concrete inserts available from Unistrut Midwest, check here: Concrete Inserts