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PerfectAStep Platform
Unistrut Midwest is a proud Master Stocking Distributor of ErectAStep Modular Access Platforms.  The ErectAStep system is an innovative approach to stairs and platforms that utilizes standard components to build crossover stairs, access platforms, and walkways.   The ErectAStep system uses standardized components that can be inventoried to serve most applications using the same basic components for multiple configurations.  The high quality aluminum construction of the platform, handrails, and stairs makes the ErectAStep system a top of the line solution for your walkway needs.  The standard ErectAStep system covers 90% of the applications we encounter, but what options do our clients have when they need a customized walkway for their application?  ErectAStep is now able to offer customized solutions through the PerfectAStep brand.
PerfectAStep is the customization arm of the ErectAStep brand that was built to handle the unique requirements on projects.  Whether you are looking to make a platform a specific height, width, or length, PerfectAStep can do it.  Do you need more than 9′ of clearance between supports?  PerfectAStep can do that.  Do you need custom panels to match a radius on a tank? PerfectAStep can do it.  A great example of the abilities of the PerfectAStep product line’s capabilities can be seen in the anecdote below.
Micahel Angelo’s Winery Case Study
The owner’s of Michael Angelo’s Winery were looking for a cost effective access platform for accessing the tops of their wine distillery tanks and needed a fully installed solution within 8 weeks of contacting Unistrut Midwest.  Initially, the owners were considering a custom stainless steel platform solution with a fabrication shop, but quickly found out that a fabricated stainless steel solution was going to cost a lot more than they ever imagined and take 3-4 months to design, assemble, and install.
After discussing a few different options, Michael Angelo’s Winery ultimately decided to move forward with a custom ErectAStep platform solution.  They liked the fact that after contacting Unistrut Midwest, we came out right away to meet with them at their winery to discuss their tank access needs. We then designed, in a timely manner, a custom and cost effective solution around those needs.   The final solution was to modify the original architect designed platform to create additional cost savings, increase functionality, and access to the top of the tanks while reducing the overall platform footprint.   Furthermore, with the PerfectAStep solution we were able to offer an aluminum mill finish so that it would mirror the look of the stainless steel tanks providing a more attractive solution.  In addition, they loved the fact that as the winery expands in the future, the custom modular platform solution can be easily modified and reconfigured to meet their future needs.  From design to manufacturing to installation; our turnkey custom platform took about 5 weeks from start to finish.
Visit Michael Angelo’s Winery to Check out the PerfectAStep platform and taste their fine wine:  Michael Angelo’s Winery
For more information on the PerfectAStep or ErectAStep systems, ErectAStep