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Replacing Wood Catwalks with Steel

Steel Modular Catwalks

Many older buildings utilized wood framed catwalk systems for access to attics or utility spaces.  The wood catwalks were a generally accepted system for many years for maintenance catwalks.  The updated building codes in most municipalities no longer permit the flammable building materials to be used for these maintenance catwalks.  Unistrut Midwest offers steel catwalk systems that are an ideal product for replacing the out dated wood catwalk systems.

The Unistrut Catwalk System base components are Unistrut Channel and fittings.  The Unistrut system allows for an all bolted and modular catwalk system that can be constructed in existing spaces.  All of the connections are friction fit bolted connections from the beam clamps to the grating which eliminates any need for welding or hot works permits.  The modular design of our catwalk systems may allow us to construct our system around the existing wood catwalks which would save time and money on additional scaffolding or fall protection equipment.  The Unistrut catwalk system is all pre-galvanized steel which is light weight and high strength.

One recent project Unistrut Midwest was proud to be a part of involved replacing an existing wood catwalk system in an attic at a major University in Ohio.  The university was updating an 80 year old building and re-purposing a former dining hall into office space.  In the attic was a decrepit wood catwalk system that no longer met OSHA standards for safe maintenance walkways.

Wood Catwalk Before Photo

Attic Wood Catwalk

Unistrut Midwest proposed a Unistrut Steel Catwalk System to replace the non compliant wood structure.  Unistrut Midwest provided an OSHA compliant metal catwalk that included a 24″ Wide walkway, (2) Layer handrail, Kickplate, and a 50 PSF design load.  The Unistrut catwalk was all bolted, so Unistrut was able to install the supports around the existing wood walkway.  Unistrut performed the demolition of the wood catwalk during the installation of the new catwalk which prevented the need for any temporary structures.  Unistrut’s crew was able to provide a complete installation and demolition withinhttp://Catwalk Systems weeks.  The University was left with an OSHA compliant steel catwalk that will provide safe access to all mechanical equipment in the attic.

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