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Rooftop Duct Supports

Rooftop Duct Supports

Unistrut Midwest has been a long time supplier to mechanical contractors who use the Unistrut products to support duct work, piping, and many other items.  Unistrut products are used every day to support duct using all thread rod and Unistrut channel for a simple trapeze support from the building structure.  However when the runs of duct are designed to be built on the roof, contractors need to provide a system that is built up from the roof to build those secondary steel supports.  In today’s post we will look at Unistrut Rooftop Duct Supports for Rooftop Duct Work applications.

Unistrut Midwest has a variety of solutions to construct support systems for Rooftop Duct runs to match nearly any application.  Common projects that would require rooftop duct supports include the following:  Office Buildings, Hotels, Schools, Data Centers, Hospitals, Manufacturing Facilities, and Distribution Warehouses.  Anywhere you would need to run duct on top of the building, Unistrut can design a support for that duct.

For EPDM membrane roofs, Unistrut offers recycled rubber bases or Polycarbonate Unipier Bases.  The rubber or polycarbonate bases are often used for membrane roof support applications due to the non-penetrating nature of the bases and the ability to spread the load across a large surface area.  Unistrut Midwest can recommend the appropriately sized base to match you application.  This will allow us to keep costs down by properly sizing the base per application.  From the base up Unistrut will design a support structure using Unistrut channel and fittings that will meet the loading requirements of the duct runs.  Unistrut offers the mettalic components in pre-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, or Unistrut Defender finish.  The finish will be determined by the project location and environmental conditions of that location.

CushABlock Duct Support

For Standing Seam Roof Applications, Unistrut offers an Aluminum Roofclamp that can be used to connect Unistrut Channel to the standing seams.  Once the Unistrut is properly bolted to the standing seams, we can build standard duct supports sized to meet the application.  All profiles and finishes from the EPDM support section are available for Standing seam roof applications as well.

Rooflcamp Roofblock

Benefits of the Unistrut Rooftop Duct Support Systems:

  • Pre-Fabricated Supports reduce on site labor and reduce installation costs
  • Custom Built per project allows us to design the supports to handle the loading while controlling costs by using the lease amount of material possible
  • Seismic or Wind Loads can be accounted for on our engineered supports
  • Multiple Finishes available to handle any environmental conditions

Contact Unistrut Midwest today to discuss your project.  For more information on our full line of rooftop support products, click here: Rooftop Products