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Sikla Modular Heavy Duty Pipe Rack

Sikla Framo 80 Pipe Skid

Pre-Fabrication and modular building are concepts that are being adapted across the construction industry as a means to standardize processes and lower costs.  A very common approach to modular construction is to provide off site fabrication of the Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing services in the main corridors.   BIM Modeling of new construction projects has allowed contractors to pre-build racks off site in 20-30′ sections that house all the mechanical piping, duct, conduit, fire protection, or other services in pre-defined locations.  The racks can be fabricated off site and all MEP services can be attached to the racks off site in a factory setting that allows for quicker and safer installations on the ground versus traditional stick built solutions.  Unistrut Slotted Channel Framing has been used to construct these racks since it offers versatility of the continuous slot and relative strength to weight.  However what options are available when the MEP services require loading capacity beyond the 1-5/8″ Channel capacity?

Traditionally if piping or conduit loading exceed the capacity of Unistrut Channel, the contractors would weld structural steel supports using HSS Beams or structural C Channels.  These supports are often expensive, offer no adjustment, and are very heavy and hard to handle.  Unistrut has partnered with Sikla to develop a new heavy duty Modular rack system that offers the same adjust-ability of the Unistrut system with loads matching the traditional welded steel supports.  Utilizing the Sikla Framo F80 or F100 modular steel works system, Unistrut can construct racks capable of handling multiple pipe runs from 4″-12″ Piping.  The high performance of the Sikla modular box section allow us to design a rack system that is capable of handling heavier loads with a lower self weight than traditional welded structures.  The unique bolted connection of the Sikla Framo 80 system allows all fittings to be adjusted or moved with removing a few bolts per connection.  The connection is also a tolerance free connection that can handle vibrations from piping or transporting the frame from the warehouse to job site without fear of loosening or disconnection.

Sikla Modular Pipe Rack

Unistrut Midwest is a proud distributor of Sikla Framo 80 Modular Support Systems.  The Sikla Framo modular steel system is an innovative approach to steel supports that offers similar re-use and adjustment features of the Unistrut channel system for larger bore piping or conduit runs.  Unistrut would be glad to help design Sikla Pipe Racks, Supports, or Skids to help with your off-site construction projects.  Unistrut’s pre-fabrication team can build the supports or racks in our warehouse to deliver a finished product to you.  Eliminate man hours spent welding and modifying structural steel supports and frames with the new Sikla Framo 80 system.

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