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Stainless Steel Concrete Inserts

P3270X SS

Unistrut Concrete Inserts are commonly available in pre-galvanized and hot dipped galvanized finishes, but what about more corrosive environments that might require a concrete insert?  Unistrut P3270 and P3370 concrete inserts are now available in 304 Stainless Steel.  The stainless steel concrete inserts are available in both the deep or shallow standard duty profiles.  The stainless steel inserts use the same P3172P Closure Strip for use during the concrete pour.

P3270 Insert Installed

Our 304 Stainless Unistrut Inserts are ideal for corrosive environments such as waste water treatment plants, indoor pools, sewage plants, or any other applications that might require the corrosion protection stainless steel.  Utility Trenches are a popular application for the stainless steel inserts especially on coastal installations.  Research laboratories have utilized the Unistrut embeds for the non-metallic properties of the stainless steel channel.

The P3270X 20SS concrete insert installs the same as the P3270X 20PG style inserts.  See the image below for the installation guide on our standard duty concrete inserts.

P3270X Unistrut Install

Unistrut Midwest stocks the P3270 Series with closure strip and endcaps in 304 Stainless Steel.  We can keep lead times to a minimum by shipping our in stock Stainless Steel embeds.  For more information and loading check out our full concrete insert product line here: Concrete Insert Library