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Tate Hot Aisle Containment

Tate Containment System

Modern Data Centers have begun utilizing partition systems to separate the hot and cold aisles to reduce energy costs by preventing the hot air leaving the servers from mixing with the cold air used to cool the servers.  Containment systems will allow you to use warmer air to cool the servers and reduce the overall energy consumption in the data center.  Unistrut Midwest is a proud distributor of Tate Inc and will be reviewing the Tate Hot Aisle Containment System in today’s blog post.

Tate ContainAire Hard Partitions

Tate’s ContainAire Hard Partitions are aluminum framed panels with polycarbonate inserts that are designed to be hung from a ceiling structure above the hot aisle to keep the warm are contained inside that aisle.  The Tate ContainAire panels are used to create a hot aisle chimney above the back side of two rows of servers.  The panels are installed vertically and surround the hot aisle, ascending between the top of the cabinets and bottom of the ceiling. Return air is then pulled through ceiling grilles and returned to the mechanical system. The hard partitions ensure the rising hot air doesn’t have an opportunity to mix with ambient air before reaching return grilles.

The Tate ContainAire Panels are available in Clear Anodized Aluminum or Black Anodized Aluminum.  The Hard Partitions can use (2) Polycarbonate inserts depending on the customer’s preferences.  The most common insert is the semi-transparent 8 mm multiwall insert.  Tate also offers a fully transparent polycarbonate in fill panel.  The multiwall allows some light to pass through and since most HAC systems are 7-8′ above the ground 100% transparency is not a requirement.  The multiwall is the most common polycarbonate insert due to the lower cost.

Tate Hard Partition Ceiling Hung

Tate ContainAire Doors

Hot Aisle containment over the servers is important in controlling the air flow from the servers to the hot air returns.  However the most effective component of the Hot Aisle containment system is the door used at the end of each aisle.  The containment doors prevent air from mixing at the server level by preventing the hot air from exiting each end of the server row.  Tate offers both hinged doors and sliding doors with the same color and polycarbonate insert options as the hard partitions.

Tate Sliding Containment Doors

Tate Containment Systems can be built during new construction or retrofitted to work in legacy facilities.  Unistrut Midwest is a full service Tate dealer offering design consultation, material supply, through installation of containment systems.  Contact Unistrut today to discuss your containment project.

For more information on Tate Containment systems, Tate Containment Solutions