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Qwik Fence Storage Locker

Urban Apartment and Condo developers can utilize Folding Guard Qwik Fence Partitions systems to build tenant storage lockers in their parking garage or basement spaces.  Apartments and condo’s are becoming increasingly popular in the revitalization of urban cores across the US.  A major drawback to apartment living is the lack of storage space in the units.  Developers or Owners can offer their tenants additional storage with Folding Guard Tenant Storage Lockers.  This will increase revenue for the owner and provide tenants additional storage space outside of their unit.  Today we will look how Unistrut Midwest helped a developer with a custom storage locker solution on a new development in Cincinnati, OH.

A developer of a mixed use development featuring retail space and apartment buildings came to Unistrut Midwest to help design, procure, and install a tenant storage system for their new apartment tower.  The developer built the parking garage with spaces that included an extra 3′ of space to allow for a cage to be constructed at each parking space.  The parking garage had a sloped ceiling and existing piping/lighting in place that would need to be worked around.

Unistrut Midwest recommended the Folding Guard Qwik Fence System.  Unistrut went with the welded wire partition system for its flexibility and ability to be modified in the field without any hot works permits.  The Folding Guard Qwik Fence system utilizes an all welded wire mesh panel with over 500 welds per panel.  The all welded panels allow the installing contractor the ability to field cut panels around obstructions, sloped ceilings, or any other unseen site conditions.  The versatile Qwik Fence System allowed Unistrut Midwest to standardize the Unit sizes and modify panels as needed in the field.  This system allowed us to control costs and lead times better than a custom woven wire partition.  Unistrut Midwest provided custom black privacy screens to give tenants a more secure storage unit.

Overall the developer was able to offer parking spaces with an additional 30 s.f. of storage for their tenants which offered a unique feature and revenue for the developer.  The tenants were able to pay for additional storage space at their parking space which gave them low cost storage space in a convenient location.   Unistrut Midwest was able to handle the project from pre-construction to installation, so the developer only had to deal with one point of contact for the entire project.

Qwik Fence Storage Locker

Qwik Fence Tenant Storage

Unistrut Midwest is a proud stocking distributor for Folding Guard Wire Mesh Partition Systems.  Contact us today to discuss your storage locker project, Contact Unistrut