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Unistrut Access Platform for Truck Weigh Station

Unistrut Access Platform

Unistrut Midwest offer many different solutions for Access Platform for a variety of different applications.  Whether you need to service a CNC Machine or change the fan filters on a mechanical unit, Unistrut Midwest can design an access platform to match you needs.  A recent example of a custom application we were able to help a customer with was an access platform along side a tractor trailer scale at a major agriculture processing facility.

Unique Requirements. Our client had an elevated drive on scale that was used to weigh tractor trailers coming and going from their facility.  The scale was built about 30″ above the ground, so the customer needed a platform between 30-36″ to allow inspectors and employees to walk along the trailer and talk to the drivers without climbing on the scale.  The customer wanted a 48″ Wide Walkway with a single access stair for employee access along the trucks.  The end user required handrail on the perimeter of the walkway to prevent the employees from stepping off the elevated platform.

Unistrut Midwest’s Solution. Unistrut designed a Unistrut Elevated Access Platform to match the exact requirements of the end user.  Unistrut designed a walkway that was 4′ wide by 45′ long with handrail on the perimeter.  Unistrut’s Access Platforms used P1000 and P1001 channel for uprights spaced at 60″ on center.  Unistrut’s Interlock Grating was used as the walk surface.  The Unistrut grating was a good option since the Unistrut Defender finish offered corrosion protection in the outdoor platform, the anti-skid surface provided a safe walk surface in all weather conditions, and the 14 gauge material met all loading requirements at the 60″ span.

Benefits of the Unistrut Access Platform

  • Fully Customizable to customer’s specification using stock items to minimize lead time to one week
  • All Unistrut uprights and stair units were pre-fabricated per Unistrut’s shop drawings.  The pre-fabricated components allowed the onsite installation to be completed in 1 day.  All Unistrut channel and grating arrived pre-cut to size to minimize field modifications
  • Unistrut Defender Finish offers 3 times the corrosion protection versus Hot Dipped Galvanized, so the platform will have a service life of 20+ years.

Platform Drawing Sample

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