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Unistrut Access Platform for Packaging

Access Platform

Unistrut Access Platforms are able to be custom designed to match any application or project requirements.  Unistrut Midwest recently designed an access platform for an automotive component supplier in South Carolina.  The Unistrut Access Platform was an ideal, cost effective solution to a packaging problem the manufacturer had.  We will discuss the project in details in today’s Strut News Article.

Our Client reached out to Unistrut Midwest to discuss a potential application in their facility in which they would like to provide their employees an elevated walkway about 54″ above the concrete slab.  The walkway would be used to help ergonomically package finished product at an elevation that would eliminate safety hazards in the packaging process.  The customer knew an approximate layout that they needed but relied on Unistrut to design the system to their specifications.  The load requirement would be 50 PSF for the Unistrut Walkway to allow for two employees at a time on the platform.  Unistrut also added a YellowGate Swing Gate to give them an OSHA approved access point in the center of the walkway.  With this information, Unistrut was able to provide engineered shop drawings for approval in under a week.

Unistrut Midwest’s design for the Access Platform utilized P1001 channel uprights at 60″ on center with P1001 cross members to support the grating.  The support spacing allowed the fork lift to position between the supports for access to materials that required packaging at the 54″ elevation.  Unistrut included P1000 handrails, kick plate, and end caps to make sure the system met OSHA requirements for an elevated walkway.  The Unistrut Stairs were fabricated to OSHA requirements.

Unistrut Midwest was able to pre-fabricate all of the Unistrut Supports and Stair System.  The pre-fabrication of the supports made the on site installation simple for a contractor who had not previously installed Unistrut.  Unistrut was able to ship (10) Supports, (2) Stairs, and stock length grating/handrail/kick plate.  The low number of parts and pieces on site made the installation simple for the contractor.  Unistrut was able to trouble shoot any issues via Facetime or Text Message.  The installation was completed in only 3 days by a contractor with no prior strut experience.

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