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Rolling Cannabis Drying Racks Constructed from Unistrut Channel

Unistrut Drying Rack with Trolley System

The legalization of cannabis for medical or recreational use across the United States has created many new construction projects with unique requirements.  The control of the growing, drying, and processing of marijuana requires marijuana grow facilities to be tightly controlled indoor grow operations.  The indoor grow operations place a premium on utilization of every square foot under the roof to maximize the yield per square foot.  Unistrut Midwest has been involved with several projects to help with solutions to help facilities maximize the available space.

One recent solution Unistrut developed for a new marijuana growth facility was a Unistrut Drying Rack System that is Ceiling Hung on Unistrut Trolleys.  The Unistrut drying racks were 8’6″ Wide by 17′ Tall with 8 Cables/Struts available to hang plants on during the drying process.  Each Rack was ceiling hung using Unistrut P2950 Trolleys on P1001 Tracks, this connection allows the racks to easily roll along the track.  The rolling Unistrut Racks allow the loading of the drying rack to be safely performed by creating enough space to load the rack.  Once loaded, the rack is able to slide along the track into its storage position while the plants dry.  The ability to adjust the position of the racks allowed Unistrut to figure 12″ of space between each rack in the stored position.  If the racks could not slide, we would have needed to space the racks 24″-36″ apart to allow an employee to access the racks.  The Unistrut Trolley System allowed us to fit 56 Racks in about 900 s.f. of space.

Unistrut Slotted Channel Framing has been utilized in the construction of racks or trolley systems for many years.  With Unistrut P1000 channel and fittings, we are able to create racks that are fully adjustable and customized to match any space.  The Unistrut Trolley System utilizes P1001 channel for the main rails.  The P1001 is a 1-5/8″ back to back channel that allows the connection of the upper channel to the building structure and leaves the lower P1000 channel free for a trolley to effortlessly roll along the track.  Unistrut Midwest could design a trolley system for almost any building construction or orientation.  Ask your Unistrut Professional today how we can help design, furnish, or install your next dry rack project.