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Unistrut Ceiling Grids for Higher Education

Unistrut Black P1001 Grid

Unistrut Ceiling Grids are a versatile system in construction projects that can provide both functional support capabilities and aesthetic qualities.  Typically found in data centers, hospitals, retail spaces, or lab spaces Unistrut Ceiling Grids offer architects or general contractors a support system that can support any Electrical or Mechanical Services, Signage, Exhibits, or other ceiling hung systems with a Uniform Structural Ceiling Grid.   Today’s featured project is a Unistrut Ceiling Grid project for a major University in Michigan that provided a universal grid in many classrooms to allow for connection of various ceiling hung items throughout the classrooms.

During the pre-construction process, the A/E team knew the University was going to utilize various snorkel, cable reels, track lighting, and cable trays throughout the different classrooms.   All of these items would need to be hung from the ceiling and the owner did not want to connect all of the supports to the concrete deck overhead.  The design team wanted to install a system that would keep the ceiling space organized and clean looking.  Unistrut Midwest was brought in to discuss our Unistrut Ceiling Grid Systems.

The new classroom building was going to have steel beams at 84″ on center throughout the classroom areas.  The total design load of the ceiling grid was 15 PSF for all the ceiling hung elements.  Unistrut was able to recommend a Unistrut P1001 Ceiling Grid with modules at 84″x60″ to align with the joists overhead and meet the load criteria.  It was important that the grid spacing was allowed to align with the steel beams, since this would eliminate the need for an upper level of Unistrut channel at the building steel.  The P1000 drops would all fall under the steel beam as well to keep uniform and clean sight lines throughout the grid.

The use of P1001 channel was determined based on several factors.  First, the P1001 was the smallest profile available that could meet the 15PSF design criteria.  Using the smallest allowable profile will allow Unistrut to reduce costs, minimize the total weight of the system, and install the system quicker.  Secondly, the P1001 Unistrut is a back to back set of 1-5/8″ P1000 channels.  The back to back channel allow connections on both the upper and lower channels.  Unistrut was able to keep all of our structural connection on the upper side of the P1001, leaving continuous P1000 slots on the underside for the University to connect the ceiling hung items.  Finally, P1001 channel is readily available.  The construction project had a fast paced schedule, so lead time was critical to the success of the project.

Unistrut Ceiling Grids were a great solution on this University project.  The owner was provided with an adjustable structural ceiling grid to support all of the ceiling hung items that can be modified with only hand tools as needed in the future.  The custom black Unistrut channel was used in contrast with white ceiling to provide an aesthetically pleasing system throughout the exposed ceilings.

Ceiling Grid Black P1001 Grid Ceiling Grid System P1001 Grid with Snorkel

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