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Unistrut Concrete Inserts for Hospital Applications

X-Ray Layout

Unistrut Concrete Inserts can be a valuable tool in the design and construction of new hospital projects.  The Unistrut P3270 Series Inserts can be utilized in MEP Service Corridors and Equipment Rooms to provide a continuous slotted channel pre-cast into the concrete decks or walls.  The precast Unistrut embed will allow MEP trades or Equipment Support contractors a clearly defined and infinitely adjustable connection point without drilling new anchors for each connection.

P3270 Insert Installed

In the OR Rooms or Imaging Suites, the P3270 Series anchors can be used in regular intervals to allow for the connection of Unistrut Support structures for X-Ray Equipment, Surgical Booms, or CT Injectors.  The Unistrut concrete insert will allow for a quicker installation on the front end and can easily be re-configured when the equipment inevitably changes.  The P3270 Series inserts are reusable and can allow the medical equipment support to be easily installed during normal business hours since no drilling is required.  The continuous slotted channel allows for future equipment to be easily installed at any point on the Unistrut channel.

For the Hospital Corridors, Unistrut Embeds can be used in the ceiling structure to support piping, conduit, or Medical Gas Lines without each trade penetrating the concrete slab.  The Unistrut concrete inserts can also be used on the walls of service corridors as anchor points for pipe racks.  The Unistrut embed is ideal for applications with cracked concrete concerns and avoids the creation of Silica Dust during installation.

The P3270 is available from 12-240” Long.  The embeds are available in Pre-Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, or Stainless Steel.  Typical max loading for the P3270 series embed is 2,000 lbs/ft (See load chart for exact load capacity).  Unistrut embeds come standard with closure strip and end caps.  For more information on the Unistrut P3270 Standard Duty insert, check out our full line of Standard Duty Concrete Inserts