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Unistrut Concrete Inserts for Pre-Stressed Concrete

Pre-Stressed Concrete is a popular construction method due to quick installation times and reduced on site labor.  These pre-stressed applications sometimes will still require Unistrut channel embeds to allow for connections to the pre-stressed beam without drilling.  Pre-Stressed Concrete applications require a unique Unistrut Concrete insert, the P3165 or P3170 series.

Unistrut P3165 Concrete Insert

The P3170 Series Concrete Insert is specifically designed for prestressed concrete applications.  Rather than have a single anchor point on the back of the Unistrut, the P3170 Series insert uses (2) 4” Angles on either side of the P3300 Series channel at 8” on center.  The P2865 Hold Down Springs will attach to the P3170 4” Angles and connect to the concrete steel to keep the embed in place during the pour.

The maximum allowable load in normal weight concrete would be 1,000 lbs vertical load and 500 lbs lateral load.  The P3165 is a 120” long section and P3170 is a 240” long section.  Unistrut carries the prestressed embeds in pre-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized steel.  All embeds include closure strip and end caps for a complete system.  The P2865 hold down clips are ordered separately as needed.

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