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Unistrut Drying Rack System for Shipping Containers

Cannabis Cable Drying Rack in Shipping Container

The Medical and Recreational Marijuana legalization across the United States has created many opportunities in construction.  The industry is often looking at fast paced construction projects in order to get products to market as fast as possible.  Unistrut is here to help come up with solutions to expedite your construction schedule and get the facility operational.

A Unique Case Study on Unistrut Midwest’s design capabilities comes from a project in Florida.  Our client was looking to create a temporary dry room facility on their property while the main dry area was under construction.  Our client had space on their property to bring in Conex Shipping Containers that were going to be retro-fitted into temporary drying rooms.  The container was equipped with the proper electrical, lighting, and mechanical services to provide the right environment a dry room requires, but what was needed was a dry rack solution that could maximize the space within the container.  Unistrut Midwest was able to offer our client a unique design that would allow them to use all but a 2′ aisle within the container.

Unistrut Midwest designed a Unistrut Support Structure that attached to the floor and ceiling of the container at each end and once in the middle of the 40′ container.  The Unistrut rack was made of P1000T channel and fittings.  We attached (3) P1000T Crossmembers to the uprights to allow our Stainless Steel Cables to attach in (3) different elevations on the rack.  Unistrut used Stainless Steel Aircraft Cables and Turnbuckles to span across the Unistrut racks.  The easy connection to the Unistrut framing allows each cable to be easily disconnected to access the next cable behind it.  This quick disconnect cable solution allows the client to access 80% of the usable space within the container from floor to ceiling.   The Unistrut system was able to be pre-fabricated and installed in a matter of hours.  Our client was able to use his dry room container the next day after Unistrut arrived on site.

Unistrut Midwest excels at the obscure designs.  We are glad to assist on any project whether new construction or retro-fitting a shipping container, we have the experts to get your project done.  For more information on Unistrut’s pre-fabrication services click here, Unistrut Fabrication Services