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Unistrut Flex Move Support Structures

Phillips Flex Move

Unistrut Midwest has been designing and installing medical equipment supports for over 40 years.  Unistrut is the preferred support structure on medical equipment supports due to the versatility and adjustability the Unistrut system provides on support projects.  Unistrut is commonly used to support X-Ray Machines, CT Injectors, Exam Light Supports, and more.  Today we will be looking at a new support structure Unistrut has designed to support the new Phillips Flex Move Systems.

The Phillips FlexMove X-Ray imaging system is a new high quality X-Ray machine used in Hybrid OR or Endovascular rooms.  The FlexMove system is a ceiling hung machine that can be moved sideways or lengthwise during procedures that allows medical professions the flexibility to move the machine freely without disturbing staff or equipment.  The flexibility of the ceiling hung system is great for the hospital but requires a unique support structure above the ceiling to handle the high capacity.

The FlexMove X-Ray machines require a support system that can handle a 3,100 lbs static load, 3,635 lbs dynamic load, and 4,100 lbs max abusive load.  When compared to typical X-Ray systems that weigh around 1,000 lbs, the Flex Move Systems require a much more robust Unistrut Support Structure.  The Unistrut Support System will need to be carefully designed based on site conditions in order to achieve these large design loads.

In order to properly design and engineer the FlexMove Unistrut Support Structure, Unistrut would need to know the following information:

  1. What is the structure the support is suspended from (including the orientation and spacing of the structural steel)?
  2. What are the elevations of the ceiling in the room and building structure.
  3. What is the layout of the support in the room?
  4. Are there any unique design criteria, such as seismic considerations, no connecting to concrete deck?
  5. Are the Vendor Drawings available for the room?

With those few pieces of information Unistrut Midwest is able to generate fully engineered design drawings for a FlexMove Machine.  Our engineering team has the ability to provide a P/E stamp across the United States.  Lead times can vary on the drawings, so contact Unistrut Midwest on your specific project and requirements.  Unistrut Midwest will never supply drawings only for any project.  Unistrut Midwest needs to be certain the genuine Unistrut channel, fittings, and hardware are being used on the support system in order to meet our design specifications.

Unistrut Flex Move Support

Installation of FlexMove Unistrut Supports. 

Unistrut Midwest will not only design and supply the Unistrut materials for your project.  We will fully install the Unistrut Support Structure.  Our certified trained professionals have over 5-25 years experience installing Unistrut Support Systems in Medical Environments.  Our installation professionals will be able to quickly and accurately install the Unistrut structure to keep your project on schedule and under budget.  Contact Unistrut Midwest for any medical support requirements today Contact Unistrut