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ADA Ramp Handrail

Unistrut channel and fittings offer designers an adult version of an Erector Set.  The combinations of channel and fittings make almost any application possible.  Today we will look at a new application for Unistrut Handrail for Ramps.

A photo studio in Ohio was converting a former warehouse into a new photo studio.  A large part of the remodel project required the construction of a concrete ramp to meet ADA standards.  The owner of the studio wanted an industrial look for the space and contacted Unistrut for help in designing a handrail system for his ramp.

Project Challenges:

  • The Ramp has a 1:12 slope, so the Unistrut handrail system would need to account for the changes in elevation between supports.
  • Local ADA code required a guard rail at 42″ and hand rail with continuous rail at 36″ along the ramp.
  • The handrail and guardrail required additional material to prevent the passage of a 4″ sphere at any point.

Unistrut’s Solution:

Unistrut developed a solution with the architect to utilize P1000H3 Channel for the Uprights with P2941 Post Bases.  The P1000H3 has 9/16″ holes at 1-7/8″ on center which allowed us to run a cable through every other hole to create an opening less than 4″.  At the top of the Unistrut upright we utilized P2815 fittings with an adjustable base.  The P2815 fitting allowed for us to account for the ramp slope with a continuous P1000 member.  For the handrail at 36″, Unistrut utilized a P1346 fitting at an angle which held the handrail off the post at the correct spacing to comply with code.  All Unistrut handrail, Unistrut Guardrail, and aircraft cable were provided in galvanized steel for a durable finish for the outdoor application.  The end result was an industrial looking custom handrail system built from off the shelf Unistrut components.

Unistrut was able to provide design services, material supply, and pre-fabrication of the supports on this project.  For additional Unique Unistrut applications, Unistrut Unique Applications