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Unistrut Induction Unit Frame Enclosures

Unistrut Induction Unit

Unistrut Slotted Channel Framing is a versatile product on any project and can be used in a countless number of ways.  Here at Unistrut Midwest, we take pride in the unique ways in which we have used Unistrut to provide contractors support solutions on their projects.  Today we will look at a unique application for a major University in Michigan.

Project Scope.  A new construction project for an engineering building was being constructed in Michigan.  The project was designed with an outer curved wall with an all glass facade.  The unique challenge this presented the contractor and design team was was how do they support and hide the electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, and induction units without blocking the outer glass wall.  The support system would need to be strong enough to support electrical conduits, fin tubes, duct work, marble counter tops, and possibly students.

Unistrut’s Solution.  Unistrut Slotted Channel Framing offered a perfect solution for the client.  Constructing Unistrut frames in a box configuration allowed solved all of the design issues.  The Unistrut frames were strong enough to be able to support all MEP Services in addition to the countertop.  The Unistrut Slotted Channel provided sufficient connection points for all mechanical and electrical trades within the frame.   The low profile of the Unistrut channels allowed the design team to fit all required mechanical equipment in a frame that was only 32″ tall. The Unistrut frame was painted black to match the aesthetics of the counter top and wire mesh panels that completed the enclosure.

Unistrut Midwest was contracted to provide material and installation for these Unistrut Induction Units.  To meet the project schedule, Unistrut was able to pre-fabricate the frames in 8′ Sections Off Site.  The units arrived to the job site 100% assembled and only needed to be anchored and leveled in place.  The installation of 15 units was accomplished in only 2 days.


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