Strut News

Unistrut Midwest Fabrication Warehouse

Unistrut Midwest is pleased to announce the addition of our new 50,000 square foot fabrication warehouse.  The additional space will allow the expansion of Unistrut Midwest’s fabrication services.  Unistrut’s new fabrication warehouse is located at 1201 Hillsmith Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45215.

Unistrut Midwest offers a full line of Unistrut fabrication services for any Unistrut Application.

Unistrut Midwest includes the following services in our fabrication shop:

  • Precutting Unistrut to Size
  • Kitting Unistrut Channel, Fittings, or Hardware for easy to use assemblies
  • Prefabrication of Stair Systems, Unistrut Crossovers, or Access Platforms
  • Unistrut Trapeze Supports
  • Unistrut Duct Supports
  • Unistrut Medical Booms
  • Unistrut Support Stands for Mechanical Equipment
  • Unistrut Battery Racks
  • Custom Unistrut Channels or Fittings
  • Unistrut Concrete Inserts
  • Data Center Products for Hot Aisle Containment Systems, Cable Tray Supports, or Bus Duct Supports
  • Unistrut Roofwalk Sub Assemblies
  • Welded Strut Assemblies
  • Telespar Sign Posts including custom lengths, anchors, and barricade assemblies
  • Sikla Framo Pipe Supports
  • Unistrut Carts or Work Benches
  • Art Storage Rack Frames
  • Unistrut Grid Sub Assemblies
  • Electrical Box Stands

A full list of our offerings can be found here: Unistrut Fabrication Services

Unistrut Midwest’s fabrication team can handle any Unistrut fabrication project.  Please contact us today to see how our fabrication services can save money by reducing manhours on site, eliminating waste, and expediting the project.