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Unistrut P2580 Heavy Duty Cantilever Bracket

Unistrut P2580 Bracket

Unistrut is proud to introduce the highest capacity cantilever Unistrut bracket, The P2580 series.  The Unistrut P2580 is designed to hold heavier loads, increase the span between supports, and allow attachment on top and bottom. This results in significant material and labor cost savings.  Unistrut Midwest has the full line of P2580 brackets in stock and ready to ship.

The P2580 is 35% strong than competitive products. It uses a 3-bolt attachment and a U-shaped base for added strength and the double sided channel allows attachments on both the top and bottom.  The P2580 brackets are currently only inventoried in the pre-galvanized finish.  If required Unistrut could offer the P2580 in Perma-Green, Hot-Dipped Galvaninzed, or Stainless (There may be a minimum quantity and lead with non standard finishes).  As always when you buy Unistrut you are buying a quality made in America Product.

Cantilever Unistrut Brackets are commonly used to support piping, conduit, or cable tray along the walls of service corridors or manufacturing facilities.  The P2580 Cantilever Unistrut Bracket requires a 1-5/8″ Wide Channel that is 12 gauge material to achieve the published loads.  If you need assistance with your configuration or design of the support structure, Unistrut Midwest would be glad to assist with your project.

The maximum uniform design load for our 12 inch bracket is 2,700 lbs with a safety factor of 2.5 when mounted to 12 ga. Unistrut channel. We also offer an 18 inch (1,800 lbs uniform load), 24 inch (1,350 lbs uniform load), 30 inch (1,080 lbs uniform load), and a 36 inch (900 lbs uniform load).  The P2580 Series Cantilever are available in 6″ increments from 12″ to 36″.  See below for the specific part numbers for each individual size.

Unistrut Cantilever Bracket

  • P2580-12 EG  12″ Long Cantilever Bracket
  • P2580-18 EG  18″ Long Cantilever Bracket
  • P2580-24 EG  24″ Long Cantilever Bracket
  • P2580-30 EG  30″ Long Cantilever Bracket
  • P2580-36 EG  36″ Long Cantilever Bracket

If you would like more information on how the P2580 is the perfect product to fit your projects needs, contact a Unistrut Midwest sales representative today.

P2580 Cantilever Strut Bracket

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