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Unistrut Pre-Fabrication for Data Centers

Unistrut Grid Pre-Assembled

Unistrut Midwest specializes in providing pre-fabrication services on any project but Data Center construction has quickly become the largest consumer of pre-fabricated Unistrut supports.  Data Centers are an ideal project type to utilize pre-fabrication due to the highly repeatable components throughout the data halls.  Unistrut Midwest has been working in the data center space for many years, so today we will explain a few areas in which contractors are utilizing Unistrut’s fabrication services.

Unistrut Data Center Trapeze Supports
Unistrut Cable Tray Supports hung from a Unistrut Grid in a Data Center

Unistrut Trapezes

Electrical contractors provide hundreds of Unistrut Trapezes in any data hall to support anything from cable tray, bus ducts, wiring, or conduits.  Unistrut can fabricate trapeze supports to meet any requirements on the project.  Whether you need a single layer P1000T trapeze for a single conduit or a multi tier trapeze for multiple services, Unistrut can handle the requirement.  For basic trapeze configurations, you could use our standard order form: Unistrut Trapeze Form

For more complex trapeze supports, contact Unistrut Midwest to discuss the project and we can provide a quote within 24 hours.


Unistrut Grid Pre-Fabrication

Unistrut Grid Pre-Fabrication

Many large scale data centers utilize Unistrut Ceiling Grids to support all over head services including Hot Aisle Containment, Cable Tray, Conduit, Bus Duct, Fire Suppression, Duct Work, and more.  The Unistrut Ceiling Grid (Unistrut Ceiling Grids) is a versatile system in the data center space due to its high capacity and versatility.  Unistrut Midwest is able to offer pre-fabrication services for Unistrut Ceiling Grid Systems.  Unistrut can cut and bundle all channel to size.  This is especially helpful in single plane grid configurations to receive all filler rails pre-cut to size.  For the main support rails of the Unistrut System, Unistrut would typically provide 20′ sections to be installed in the field.  However with BIM coordination, we can now pre-load the main rails with fittings in the proper locations to reduce on site man hours.  The pre-fabrication of the Unistrut main support channels will ensure accurate spacing of the Unistrut grid while reducing total on site man hours and reduce the number of man hours installing in a lift.

Hot Aisle Supports

Hot Aisle Containment Fabrication

Modern Data Centers are utilizing hot aisle containment systems to control air flow and lower operating costs.  The hot aisle containment systems are proven commodities but they often require independent support systems for the polycarbonate panels.  Unistrut Metal framing can be used for the Hot Aisle containment support structure to reduce costs over standard aluminum framed systems.  The Unistrut Hot Aisle Containment Supports can be pre-cut to size, pre-loaded with fittings, and packaged to allow for a simplified installation in the field.  Unistrut Hot Aisle Containment supports will often require zero cutting in the field.

Sikla Data Center Piping

Modular Pipe Racks

Data Centers often include service corridors with standardized runs of chilled water lines.  These long runs of piping can utilize off site pre-fabrication in modules to reduce on site construction time and man hours.  Utilizing Sikla Framo 80 and Unistrut Channel, Unistrut Midwest is able to fabricate steel support structures that are capable of supporting the piping and can withstand transport from an off site fabrication warehouse.  Pre-Fabrication of pipe racks off site is a great way to reduce construction times by fabricating runs of piping on the ground and lifting full assemblies in place.


Other Pre-Fabrication Services in Data Centers

  • Pre-Cutting Unistrut to Size
  • Pre-Loading Unistrut Fittings with channel nuts and bolts
  • MEP Rack Assembly
  • Pre-Fabricated Pipe Supports
  • Rooftop Walkways
  • Air Handling Unit Access Platforms or Stairs.


Unistrut Midwest is pleased to discuss any pre-fabrication project or ideas you might have.  Contact us today to discuss your project.