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Unistrut Ramp

Unistrut Midwest specializes in Rooftop Crossovers and Access Platforms.  Typically these units utilize stairs or ladders to access the platform, but on the rare occasion our customers request ramps to access their platforms.  The Unistrut System can be modified to build a ramp but the process is a little more complex and expensive than our traditional access platforms.   The platform design and layout are the same as any standard Unistrut platform, but the sloped ramps have additional variables that need to be considered.

The ramp pitch can be designed to be ADA compliant or any other variation of rise and run to meet your specifications.  (Note: ADA compliance requires a 1:12 pitch which can make the Unistrut ramp very long in most applications.  Our Anti-Skid Grating is also rough on rubber wheels.  Our ramps can be used for egress but we do not recommend our ramps for everyday wheel chair use)  Unistrut needs to be given the direction on what the pitch requirements are before we can assist with the design.

Unistrut Ramps are able to be customized in a number of ways similar to the Unistrut Platforms or crossovers.  We can add handrail and kick plate to any Unistrut Ramp.  The width is able to be adjusted in 6″, 9″ or 12″ increments.  We can use multiple base types included Unipier, RTS Rubber bases, or Unistrut Post Bases.  The design load can be built from 40-50PSF.  Unistrut ramps can be built in Pre-Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, or Unistrut Defender finishes.

For a quote on a Unistrut Ramp we would need to know the following information:

  1. Size of the Ramp Platform.
  2. Height of the platform to the top of walk surface and clearance needed below the structure
  3. Width of the Ramp
  4. Slope of the Ramp
  5. Do you need handrail?  Which locations on the ramp need the handrail?
  6. Do you need a transition at the bottom of the ramp?  Standard ramps will be 2.5″ above the roof surface.
Unistrut Ramp
Unistrut Pre-Fabricated Ramp

Unistrut ramps come standard with Pre-Fabrication.  Unistrut needs to fabricate the ramp and dis-assemble for shipping to allow us to put the fittings in the correct locations based on your requirements.  Material only sales are possible, but would require significant amount of on site fabrication and cutting.  Pre-Fabricated ramps would be shipped with pre-fabricated supports that are tagged by location, cut to size handrail, cut to size grating, and bases.  The final assembly would be by others and may require adjustments based on site conditions.  Unistrut Fabrication Services