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Unistrut Duct Support

Unistrut Channel has been used by Electrical and Mechanical contractors to support conduit and duct for as long as slotted channel framing has existed.  A relatively new location that Unistrut is being used to support duct work is on the roof.  Rooftop applications are becoming more common as more equipment is moved from the ground or mechanical rooms to the roof.  Unistrut is here to help design, supply, and fabricate any roof top duct supports you may need.

Unistrut Duct Supports are available with many different options to match the project requirements.  We will discuss our duct supports and the available options below.  If you have any questions or would like a quote, contact Unistrut Midwest: Contact Unistrut

Unistrut Rooftop Duct Support Pre-Design Questions

  1. What size support do you need?  If you provide Unistrut with the Height and Width of the duct (include thickness of any insulation) and the height of the bottom of the duct above the roof, Unistrut can specify the size duct support for you.
  2. How frequently does your duct need to be supported?  We can help determine this if needed, but our supports can be spaced as frequently as needed.  Roof load, Wind Load, Layout, and Duct weight are all factors in determining the spacing of the supports
  3. What type of base does the project require?  Unistrut Midwest offers multiple base types to match the project’s requirements.  Our options include Unipier Cush-A-Block, or RTS Support Bases.  Unistrut will help figure out the right base for your application
  4. What finish does your Unistrut Support require?  Pre-galvanized Unistrut is the most common.  We also have the ability to fabricate supports in Unistrut Defender, Stainless Steel, or Hot Dipped Galvanized if the environment requires additional corrosion resistance.
  5. Do you require pre-fabrication?  Unistrut Midwest can provide your project fully assembled supports.  We can pre-cut all the channel to size and deliver them un-assembled.  We can provide stock length of channel and let you build the supports on site.
  6. Do you require a P/E Stamp on the supports?  Unistrut’s engineering group can provide a set of stamped drawings and calcs in any state in the US.  For an additional fee, we could provide stamped drawings on any duct support project.
Unistrut Supports Installed
Unistrut Supports Installed on Roof
CushABlock Duct Support
Unistrut Pre-Fabricated Duct Support