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A General Contractor in Libya had a project on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in which they needed a walkway on top of a petroleum facility. The project had several unique requirements; the coastal environment required special corrosion protection, the roof pitch was very steep, and there was a lack of skilled labor for this installation.

Design Criteria

  • System must be pre-fabricated to allow unskilled workers to easily install system
  • System must be specially coated to resist the high salinity in the atmosphere
  • Supports must be built to account for steep pitch of roof.
Libya Roofwalk System
Libya Roofwalk System

Design Solution

Unistrut Cincinnati was able to design/ engineer a roofwalk system to meet all the design criteria.  Unistrut offered a unique triple applied marine coating over hot dipped galvanized channel and fittings to resist corrosion.  Unistrut was able to pre-fabricate all the uprights at unique angles to allow for a simple installation and level walking surface.  All uprights were numbered and tagged to make installation fool proof.  The entire system was fabricated in Ohio and shipped to Libya via a single sea freight container.  The project was installed in a couple weeks and received rave reviews from the end user!