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Unistrut Snorkel Supports

Unistrut Snorkel Support

Unistrut Slotted Channel Framing has been utilized by Universities in the laboratories for years to support casework, overhead service carriers, and shelving.  A new trend in the college laboratories is to provide overhead snorkel fume extractors.  The overhead snorkels allow the student to extract fumes directly at the lab station in lieu of going to a fume hood for ventilation.  The snorkel extractor’s require a metal frame to suspend from the structure.  Unistrut Midwest has been contracted to design, supply, and install supports for the Unistrut Snorkel Supports at many major universities across the Midwest.

Overhead snorkels are relatively light weight systems on their own but several factors need to be considered during the design phase of the structural support system.   With any support that has a cantilever arm and can rotate, we must consider both the dead load of the system and the moment when fully extended when specifying a Unistrut Snorkel Support.  In University settings, we also must add in a safety factor in case the students try to hang from any of the ceiling hung equipment.   Unistrut Channel can handle any snorkel system but for us to provide a turn-key design we need the following information:

  1. What is the weight and moment of the snorkel extractor?
  2. What structure will the Unistrut Support be allowed to attach?  Typically this would be steel beams, joists, or concrete deck.
  3. What elevation does the Unistrut support need to be relative to the finish floor or ceiling height?
  4. Are we supporting each snorkel individually or will one support handle a row of snorkels?  Depending on the layout of the room, we can construct a single support structure to handle multiple snorkels if the align.  Unistrut will be glad to make recommendations on the most cost effective layout.
  5. What services do you require?  We can offer design assistance, engineering (including P/E Stamp), material supply, installation, or all of the above.  Let your Unistrut Rep know what you are looking for and we can get you a quote in 24 hours or less.

For more information on Unistrut Midwest’s installation services, click here: Installation Services