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Sikla Framo 80 Boom Support

Modern Surgical Suites are utilizing many ceiling hung devices to provide flexibility and support to the medical staff throughout surgeries.  The ceiling hung equipment can range from simple exam lights to anesthesia booms to dual arm surgical lights.   All of the ceiling hung medical equipment require support systems that are unseen but critically important for the functionality of the surgical room.  Unistrut Midwest is a leading provider of Medical Equipment Supports throughout the Midwest.   In today’s blog post we will be looking at the Structural Boom Supports for Surgical Suites.

Unistrut Surgical Boom Supports are Unistrut or Sikla Framo 80 Structures that are designed to handle the high moments required of modern surgical equipment.  The surgical equipment itself is not extremely heavy, however the equipment needs to be installed on rotating cantilever arms that need to remain in place during the surgery.  The equipment when fully extended can put a large moment load on the support structure.  The support structure needs to be able to resist the moment and not deflect.  The deflection criteria on the equipment hung from the Unistrut Surgical Boom Support is very strict.  The strict deflection criteria is important for the ceiling hung equipment because without a rigid and plumb support system the equipment can drift on the end users which can cause issues during a surgical procedure.

Sikla Boom
Pre-Fabricated Sikla Framo 80 Surgical Boom Support

The Surgical Boom Supports can be constructed from a variety of materials based on the load and moment requirements of the equipment itself.  Light Duty Exam or Procedure lights will be constructed from standard Unistrut Channel and Fittings.

Medium Duty Supports such as surgical lights, anesthesia booms, or heavy exam lights will typically utilize Sikla Framo Modular Steel Support Systems.  The Sikla Framo 80 and Framo 100 Modular Steel are an ideal support material due to the light weight of the profiles, high torsional resistance of the box section, and adjustability of the Sikla System.

The heaviest ceiling hung equipment (Tandem Booms) will require welded structural steel supports.  The heavy duty supports will utilize 6″ Structural Tube or W Beams to handle the largest moments or spans.  The welded systems work well but they are heavy, need to be installed before any electrical or mechanical equipment, and offer no adjustment once installed.

Unistrut Midwest will specify the right Surgical Boom Support based on your projects requirements.

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