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Unistrut Surgical Light Support


Unistrut Medical Solutions

A rural medical office in Kentucky was looking to renovate existing patient rooms into a minor procedure room. One of the requirements was that the procedure room needed a surgical light mounted from the ceiling.  The project had a tight budget and schedule, so Unistrut was called in to help with the equipment support.

Design Criteria

  • System must be designed to handle the point load and moment as specified by the light manufacturer
  • System must contain adjustable finish rails to meet the vendor requirements
  • Finish rails of the system must meet or exceed the vendor tolerances

Design Solution

Unistrut Indianapolis was able to offer a turnkey solution for the surgical light support.  Unistrut provided design, engineering, and installation of the surgical light support using various Unistrut Metal Framing profiles that would meet or exceed all design load criteria.  The system was entirely bolted and adjustable which allows for infinite flexibility of this system.  Our install crew was able to pre-fabricate this support in our warehouse to reduce in field time to only a few hours.