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Unistrut Technology Wall

Unistrut Wall

Unistrut Midwest is proud to feature unique projects that our team designs and installs across the country.  Each month we will look at a new project to show innovative ways the construction community is using Unistrut Metal Framing across the country.  This months feature project was a Unistrut Wall Support System for a Technology Lab at a major university in Ohio.  The University was building a new virtual reality class room and needed a three sided support system to mount and move screens, cameras, or other types of technology in the future.  Unistrut Channel was an ideal product for the application.

The Unistrut Metal Framing system features an all bolted connection for all components.  The bolted connections and continuous slot of the Unistrut channel allow for an infinite number of combinations to create support systems.  For the technology wall system, the Unistrut system made an ideal building material since the channel could be adjusted, added to, or taken down as needed with only a 3/4″ wrench.  All of the connections on the technology wall used 1/2″ Unistrut channel nuts and hardware that could be moved as needed in the future.

Black Unistrut Wall

The weight requirements of the system were relatively light duty, so Unistrut Midwest was able to use P1000 series channel for the uprights and cross members.  The continuous slot on the P1000 channel allowed connection points all along the perimeter of the wall structure.  The P2941 Post Base was an ideal base plate for the application.  The P2941 clevis is flush with the 1/4″ floor plate which prevented any trip points inside the technology wall.  To create a rigid structure, Unistrut connected the P1000 uprights to P5501 channels at the steel joists.  The larger P5501 channel was a requirement due to the spacing of the building’s structural steel.

Since the entire structure would be visible along the perimeter of the technology classroom, Unistrut Midwest provided a custom Powder coat finish.  The flat black finish of the channel match the aesthetics of the room.  Unistrut can be painted any color to match the project requirements.

Unistrut was able to design, engineer, furnish, and install a complete Unistrut Technology Wall Structure.  The simple Unistrut system was installed in 3 days by two of Unistrut’s professional installation contractors.  For additional Unistrut custom installations, check out our unique project section: Unistrut Unique Applications