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Unistrut WT Wide Slotted Strut Channel

WT Slot Pattern

Unistrut has developed a new slotted channel perforation for use with 5/8” threaded rod.  The Unistrut “WT” Perforation offers an 11/16″ x 2″ Slotted perforation at 3″ on center for any of our 1-5/8″ Wide Unistrut profiles.  This new slot pattern is great for data centers, heavy-duty supports and other applications that require 5/8″ threaded rod to handle the weight requirements.  The wider 11/16″ slots are advantageous during installation.  The wider slots eliminate the need for field drilling traditional slotted channel while retaining the adjustability of traditional slotted channel.

The WT slot pattern is commonly used for trapeze supports, anchoring to concrete walls, anchoring to concrete floors, ceiling grids, pipe supports, duct supports, cable tray supports, racks, and other general framing. The WT Series Slots are currently available on the following standard Unistrut profiles; P1000WT, P1001WT, P5500WT, P5501WT, P5000WT, and P5001WT.  Unistrut has not made the WT slots available on the 7/8″ or smaller channels since they would not typically be used in conjunction with 5/8″ threaded rod.  Currently the WT slot pattern is only offered on the 12 gauge channel sections.

The WT (11/16″ x 2″) perforations on the Unistrut channel reduces our published beam loading capacity by 15%.  For more engineering information on the WT Series Channel, contact Unistrut Midwest today to discuss your project and requirements. Contact Unistrut

Our P1000WT dimensions are 1 5/8″ wide x 1 5/8″ tall x 12 ga. thick; with 11/16″ wide slots.  The WT series channels are currently available in the following finishes: Pre-Galvanized (PG), Hot-Dip Galvanized (HG), Plain (PL), Green (GR), and Stainless Steel (SS & ST). The Pre-Galvanized, Perma-Green, and Plain Steel are standard items that are currently stocked by Unistrut Midwest.  If you are interested in this new wide slot solution, please contact a Unistrut Midwest sales representative today.