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Unistrut X-Ray Equipment Support


Unistrut Medical Solutions

Major Hospital Group in Michigan had a fast paced Medical Office Building project under construction before the equipment vendor was selected. Architect asked Unistrut to design a Universal grid to support any of the potential X-Ray machines. In addition, they wanted the system to be adjustable for future changes in equipment.

Design Criteria

  • System must be designed to handle upwards of 3,000 lbs
  • System must contain adjustable finish rails to meet multiple vendors requirements
  • Finish rails of the system must meet or exceed the vendor tolerances
  • No Welding was allowed on the project

Design Solution

Unistrut Detroit was able to design and engineer a Universal X-Ray Support using various Unistrut Metal Framing profiles that would meet or exceed all design load criteria.  Unistrut used larger P5501 and P5001 profiles to handle the high loading and deflection criteria of the project.  The system was entirely bolted and adjustable which allows for infinite flexibility now and into the foreseeable future.