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Yellowgate Adjustable Industrial Safety Swing Gate

Adjustable YellowGate

Fall Protection is a major concern at most manufacturing facilities and plants.  One major focus of many safety managers is to add fall protection at all ladders, stairs, and openings or remove out dated chains at ladders, guardrails, or steps to a passive solution to prevent falls.  Unistrut Midwest’s recommends the YellowGate Industrial Safety Gate for your facility.

The YellowGate is a Universal, Self Closing Swing Gate that is adjustable from 16″ to 36″.  The gate is field reversible by simply switching hardware positions.  The YellowGate comes standard with Universal mounting hardware for parallel or perpendicular mounting conditions.  The most universal safety gate on the market at a reasonable price point, the YellowGate can be a one size fits all solution for safety gates at your facility.  Simply count the number of openings you need to protect and Unistrut can have the gates to you the next day.


YellowGate: One Gate. Fits All. Stops Falls.

  • Unmatched Adjustability.  YellowGate’s twenty inches of adjustable length, adjustable swing direction and universal mounting system protects every passageway, with one swing gate.
  • Variable Width Swing Gate. With 16″ (406mm) to 36″ (914mm) of adjustability, YellowGate’s universal swing gate covers the largest opening distance of any swing gate on the market.
  • Adjustable Swing Direction.  Changing the direction of a YellowGate’s swing is as simple as changing a few bolts. With other swing gates, changing swing direction requires flipping of parts or mounting positions that restrict installation flexibility. 
  • Universal Mount.  YellowGate includes an assortment of hardware and configurations to match any site condition in the facility.  The universal mounting system allows you to mount your YellowGate to walls, angle iron, round pipe, and square tube with no additional parts to order.

YellowGate Details

  • High Quality Malbec Tensioner.  The Malbec tensioner eliminates the need for a swing gate’s most common fail point (the spring).  The patent pending system provides field adjustable tension and maintenance free closure, every time.


Unistrut Midwest is a proud Master Stocking Distributor for ErectAStep Modular Platforms and YellowGate Industrial Safety Swing Gates, ErectAStep